Regional Groups

Regional bat groups are available - we encourage all of you to join and participate!

Sacramento Area Bat Cafe

Sacramento Skyline, Photo Credit: J. Smith


This is an inclusive group focused on bat acoustics and biology. In this group we provide opportunities for students to connect with professionals, and for biologists from agency, consulting, nonprofit and academia to get together in an informal setting.

North Coast/Humboldt Bat Group

North California, Photo Credit: Mike Baird


We’ve had grad student presentations, regulatory discussions, a field outing to a hoary bat research site, and training opportunities.

SoCal Bat Group

South California, San Diego, Photo Credit: Ted Ros


We have members from LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties and we're excited to hold events in the Southern California area. We advance bat outreach, acoustic literacy of bat workers, and provide knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. If you're interested in planning, guest speaking for, attending or just generally being involved- please contact us!

Kern Bat Working Group

Kern river in Bakersfield, Photo Credit: Julie Jordan Scott


Join our collaborative group of professionals and students working with bats and discuss topics such as bat ecology and biology, survey / research methods, mitigation measures, data analysis approaches, field gear reviews, future bat databases for California, bat conservation, local bat rehab, etc., in an informal setting. We can share each other’s adventures in the bat world with the goal of providing a space to raise the bar on bat ecology knowledge, methods, and data access. This is an opportunity to share ideas and questions to collectively build best practices and improve our approaches to the challenges we face here with our western bats.

North-inland San Luis Obispo County Bat Group



Chiropterophiles from all areas are welcome! Contact Bill Haas for more information!

Bay Area Bat Group



We connect researchers, students, consultants, and anyone else interested in bat conservation and ecology by providing an environment where ideas and strategies about working with bats can be shared. We facilitate connections for volunteer opportunities for research and public outreach.